2007 Declaration of Principles for Closer Cooperation Between the United State of America and Mongolia





 The Government of the United States of America and the Government of Mongolia (hereafter known respectively as the United States and Mongolia),

 Reaffirming the longstanding friendship and excellent relations between the United States and Mongolia based on shared values and common interests;

 Believing that expansion and development of the friendly relations and cooperation between the United States and Mongolia will be in full accord with their interests and will facilitate peace, stability, freedom, democracy and prosperity in the region;

 Desiring to promote their mutual economic prosperity and security through broad-based, sustainable economic growth, open markets, trade and investment;

 Reaffirming their commitment to fight terrorism, which undermines international peace and security, and to advance the effectiveness of international peace support efforts around the world;

 Wishing to expand and develop relations and cooperation in all aspects of political, economic, cultural, humanitarian and other fields within the framework of a strong bilateral partnership; and

 Referring to the statement of the Presidents of the two states “to determine guiding principles and expand the scope of comprehensive partnership between the two democracies based on shared values and common strategic interests” in the Joint Statement of 21 November 2005,

 Have reached the following understanding:

Principles of Cooperation

 This Partnership intends broad cooperation based on the following shared principles and beliefs:

 1. Strong democracies, characterized by their commitment to democratic values like human rights, rule of law and transparency, and robust market economies led by a vibrant private sector, make the best partners;

 2. Building a strong trading relationship is important to the expansion of bilateral relations, and measures that provide for an open investment environment and reduce and eliminate barriers in trade and investment are key to this process;

 3. Participation in bilateral and multilateral security and stability activities is a key to the interoperability of personnel and equipment in global peace-keeping operations and in the successful delivery of humanitarian assistance and the conduct of disaster relief operations;

 4. Improving the terms and conditions for their citizens to travel to and engage in business and study in the territory of the other side and active and productive dialogue on security and cooperation, as well as discussion of visa requirements, are important to the strengthening of the close ties between the peoples of the two countries.

 5. Cooperation between like-minded countries at the bilateral, regional and global levels is critical to combating terrorism, transnational crime, the spread of disease, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;

 6.  Building national-level capacity and partnerships between government, civil society, and the private sector that protect the environment, promote education and protect cultural heritage should lead to healthy, safe and sustainable development;

 7. A comprehensive, equal partnership between the United States and Mongolia, based on the common interests in promoting peace, justice and prosperity is of benefit to both nations and to the region; and

 8. The Governments of the United States and Mongolia should periodically exchange, at various levels, their views in order to expand their bilateral relations and cooperation on issues of mutual interest and concern.

Based on these principles, the two governments reiterate their commitment to long term cooperation, in accordance with their mutual interests, in political, economic, trade, investment, educational, cultural, arts, scientific and technological, environmental, health, defense, security, humanitarian and other fields. Examples of such cooperation include but are not limited to: support by the United States for Mongolia’s efforts to strengthen the institutions and values of democratic society; pursuit of measures to reduce and eliminate barriers in         trade and investment; joint efforts – including through training, exercises, visits, and information exchange – to enhance Mongolia’s capacity in peace-keeping, the delivery of humanitarian assistance and the conduct of disaster relief operations and joint work to combat organized and transnational crimes and human trafficking, illegal trade of drugs, counterfeiting of currencies, money laundering and financing of terrorism.

 Signed  in Washington this 23rd day of October, 2007, in duplicate, in the English and Mongolian languages.


FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:                                                  FOR MONGOLIA:

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte                             Mongolian Foreign Minister N. Enkhbold


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