Visa for Temporary Resident

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A foreign citizen living for up to 90 days for private business in Mongolia is referred to as a temporary resident.

  1. A foreign citizen has the right to stay in the territory of Mongolia during the valid term of visa granted by Mongolian overseas Diplomatic Representatives or Consular Offices. The visa term is counted as starting from the day of entry into Mongolia.
  2. A foreign citizen coming with a visa term 31-90 days shall be registered at the Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Foreign Citizens within 7 days and excluded from registration before leave.

Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Foreign Citizens

Buyant Ukhaa, Khan-uul district, 10th horoo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Working hours: Monday-Friday, 08:00-17:00

Phone: +976-7013-3459, +976-9314-1002

Web page:

  1. It is prohibited for a foreign citizen who came with an individual’s invitation and visa of *H* classification and travel visa of *J* classification to be employed besides the purpose of arrival.
  2. A foreign citizen who came to work in a joint venture, entity or organization shall obtain permission for employment from The Central Employment Office and be registered at the Office within seven days.
  3. If it is needed to travel for over seven days from one administrative unit to another one, shall notify the Office of his/her travel plans in written form, obtain a travel document here and make a registration in the local police organization.
  4. A foreign citizen shall bear the following duties while residing and traveling in the territory of Mongolia:
  • Follow the Mongolian laws and regulations by respecting the Mongolian Constitution and respect Mongolian traditions and customs;
  • Pay tax in accordance with the law
  • Prohibited from establishing an organization to hold political activities in territory of Mongolia, to enroll in such organizations or to hold any political activities in any other form;
  • Prohibited from organizing the promotion of activities which go against Mongolian national solidarity, to advertise, distribute or use religious sects contrary to national custom and laws, or to participate in any form of violence, pornography or illegal drug us;
  • Prohibited be employed without permission;
  • Prohibited from harming the rights and freedom determined by the Mongolian laws and International Treaty, and the interest of the country’s citizens and other human rights and lawful interests.

In the case where a violation of the rules of residence and registration in Mongolia a penalty Tg 100.000-300.000 will be imposed in accordance with the Law on Administrative Responsibilities.

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