Visa information for US citizen only

US citizens can travel to Mongolia without visa if his/her duration of stay is less than 90 in accordance with the Mongolian Visa Policy, effective since July 18, 2001.

NOTE: Any foreign national staying in Mongolia more than 30 days is required to be registered at the Immigration Authority of Mongolia within 7 days.

If an intended travel is more than 90 days, US citizens must obtain an appropriate visa.  Visa approval in advance is required from Mongolian Immigration Authority in Ulaanbaatar depending on a visa class.   It is an applicant’s responsibility to obtain such approval through assistance of and cooperation with your partners or counterparts in Mongolia. After reviewing his/her request for the appropriate visa, the Immigration Authority informs the Embassy accordingly.

Note: Without the approval from the Immigration Authority, the Embassy cannot issue any work/study and business/private visa if his/her intended travel is more than 90 days.

Visa processing takes 2 business days. However, please be advised that in certain cases, visa processing might take up to 5 business days.


Effective from April 30, 2012

Visa Visa type  Fee  Entries Validity
D Diplomat None Multiple 36 months
A Official business US$160.00 Multiple 36 months
T Treaty Investor US$270.00 Multiple 36 months
O NGO / International Humanitarian Organization US$160.00 Multiple 36 months
B Business visitor US$160.00 Multiple 36 months
S Student US$160.00 Multiple 36 months
J Tourist US$160.00 Multiple 36 months
HG Contract worker US$190.00 Multiple 36 months
SH Religious Worker US$190.00 Multiple 36 months
TS Emigrant US$220.00 Multiple 36 months
H Private visitor US$230.00 Multiple 36 months

If you will have additional questions please contact consular office at or 202 333 7117. 


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